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Instructions for self-check-in with Qualitrain

Nice that you want to practice with us! 

We are pleased to offer a variety of yoga classes to Qualitrain members. 

To be able to book our courses in advance as a Qualitrain member, you need access to our " Eversports " administration software. Here you can log in / register with Eversports.

If you log into Eversports after successfully creating the access (app or browser), you select a lesson with us that you would like to take part in and use the item " QUALITRAIN MEMBER " for 0 EUR as the payment method. This secures your place in the lesson. Your Qualitrain pass for our studio is valid for 3 months. If you are still a member of the Qualitrain network, you can then book this option again.

When you are in our studio, you enter your name when you check in and then scan the Qualitrain QR code as usual.


If you book an hour in Eversports without a valid Qualitrain credit or you are no longer a member and the scan of the QR code does not allow confirmation by Qualitrain, we will charge you for the hour as a drop-in (18 EUR)._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

So please check your eligibility to train with Qualitrain before you book a lesson in our system (Eversports)!

Any more questions?

Get in touch so we can answer your questions!

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